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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 6, 2015 4:00am-4:30am EST

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see you next time, folks. good morning, it's "early today." the heart warming story of a terminally ill star wars fan getting his wish. ozzy osborne says i'm sorry and a whole lot more. "early today" starts right now. good morning, it's friday everybody. thanks for waking up with us i'm betty nguyen.
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so, then there were eight. the stage was set and it's shrinking for exin next tuesday's debuilt a. there are two big names and personalities missing. new jersey governor chris christie is getting bumped down to the so-called kids table debate. that's a blow after he saw a bump in numbers after the cnbc debate. and they're better off than these three. senator lindsey graham and gill more failed to make the cut for either contest. as for the frontrunners, their popularity was a determining factor in granting them secret service protection. the carson campaign is spending $150 thousand on a add across two cities. they're hoping this rap song will play well in what they're
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meanwhile, on democratic side, hillary clinton was on jimmy kimmel and talked about what bill clinton would be called if she won in 2016. the names first dude and first mate were floated and this interesting hypothetical. >> he's very popular still. it you were running against your husband right now, who would win that race? >> i think you got to have that kind of confidence if you're in be president. so, if i were to run against him, would i win? yeah. coming up, tonight on msnbc the first democratic candidates
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the tsa is considering tightening security at airports. the u.s. is taking the possibility that the plane was bombed very seriously. here with more from egypt. >> reporter: they found no evidence of a bomb but the president believes terrorism could have caused this. >> i think there v a possibility there was a bomb on board and we're taking that very seriously. >> reporter: if a bomb was the cause, it was almost certainly put on the plane here at the airport. investigators have questioned security workers, seized video and searched. the air because us was on the ground for anhour. in that time, cleaners, kate rr caterers
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exploding round 20 minutes later. >> we cannot be certain that the russian airliner was brought downiby a terrorist bomb but it looks increasingly likely. >> reporter: intelligence officials say known isis supporters were heard talking about downing the plane seconds after it crashed. isis has claimed the attack twice. egypt's president doesn't agree, believing the bomb thier eory isn't based on fact. britain is so worried, it's not allowing them to check in bags. russians returning to the city where most passengers were from. their deaths still unexplained. >> that was bill neely reporting from shar mel shake. a child disappearing. but in ohio a boy missing for over a decade has been found alive.
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never gave up hope of finding him. >> reporter: in 2002, 5-year-old julian hernandez disappeared from his home in alabama. jubelian's mother and the police suspected the father took the child. >> left a note saying he had taken him somewhere and that was yothe last that she saw of him. >> repormar: they searched for 13 years, releasing an age pprogression photo. >> we received hundreds of leads ovnaer the years of where he might be from florida to out of the country. >> reporter: and then a call out of the blue on monday from the fbi. julian was alive and well some 600 miles away in cl eland. police say he and his father, bobby hernandez had been living under different names. >> julian lernandez was applying for college but there was discrepancy with the social security number and the tax information and he work would
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his school and they discovered who he was. >> reporter: bobby hernandez is being held on a $250,000 bond i ohio, accused with tampering recoths and he will soon facen charges of interferi yo with child custody. they say julian's mother never gave up the search. in a statement a family spokes .person says our family was over joyed to locate julian. an 18-year-old just looking to goy, to college and instead revealing the trut and we have a new development in the death of an illinois police officer. it's the latest in a shocking revelation. text messages retrieved from f o lake's lieutenant gliniewicz's cell phone.
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text mesdages from lieutenant gliniewicz's telephone, a request for a meeting with a gh ranking motorcycle gang in thl e hopes o taking out a hit. investigators say gliniewicz suspected she may have discovered he stole thousands of dollars from a police program that mentors young people. >> it's a very scary thought that an officer who is sworn to uphold the law would attempt to do something like that to anned and ministrator ad ministrator. >> reporter: and they're asking the gliniewicz family to return ece money ihegave them. >> it's important thathey keow weht're doing the right thing. >>, and a fund raiser scheduled for friday at the high school the officer attended has been canceled.
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as a stunned community with the loss ofeloss. and here with the friday recast. if you like the warm weather, it is great news. like novem shber inhouw york city. and record highs in baltimore and sizzling down across the southeast. 90 your high temperature in tampa. records are possible there as well. it will be soggy abross the mississippi and tennessee valleys. but near 80 degrees in washington d.c. and cold front eventually work its way across the country. and there's the cool down for saturday, back down to the 60s. back down to reality and still soggy across the south and in the pacific northwest dealing with rain. seattle, a little stormy for your sunday.
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even atlanta cooling down to 56 northwest. now a closer look at the day ahead. d we are tracking thao rain threat through the ohio valley, places like cieveland and detroit dealing with rain, and now the southeast very warm ahead of a cold front. showers and storm expected from new orleans to atlanta. >> i'm loving this. >> you liking the warm weather, huh? >> i'm a southern girl. so, just ahead, a terminally ill "star wars" an is getting his dying wish. and jeb bush is caught up in family drama after his father slammed some of the key e key you tuck there. if you're a toe tucker... 5because of toenail fungus, ask your doctor now about prescription kerydin. used daily, kerydin drops may kill the fungus at the site of infection and get to the root of your toe tucking. kerydin may cause irritation at the treated site.
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at hillshire farm, that's why our craftsmen season every sausage perfectly. so you can coax out great flavor effortlessly. hillshire farm. becausedit's worth doing right. . after years of silence, president george h.w. bush is
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speaking out for the first time in a new book "destiny and power." he opened up about some of his son's cabinet. >> reporter: father and son, both presidents and now for the first time, the father is breaking his silence about some of the son's most trusted war advisors. slamg dick cheney as an iron as. >> i took it as a mark of pride. i was aggressive in defending and carrying out what i thought were the right policies. >> reporter: a complicated family drama now extending to the presidential hopes of another son. >> my brother is a big boy. his administration was shaped by his thinking and his reaction to the attack on 9/11.
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and my dad, wanted to create a different narrative. george would say this was under my watch. i was commander and chief. >> bush 41 is getting up in years and misjudges bush 43, who i found made his own decisions. >> that's varregret ery regrettable to say something like that. and 41, as time passes, we appreciate him more and more. >> reporter: he issued a statement saying he was proud to have served with dick cheney and rumsfeld. the former taco bell executive who apparently beat his uber driver wants to apologize in person and he'sers are not accepting, and instead suing golden. he said i don't believe he's genuinely remorsal for his actions. he made the choice to assault me when i declared the ride over. a terminally ill "star wars"
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he'll get to see an unedited version of "the force awakens." and he garnered widespread support. and check out this incredible video, two guys wearing jet packs, flying in formation nect right next to the world's largest airliner. that, my frnds iends, is quite a site. time to get down to business, stock futures are higher ahead of this morning's big jobs report. it's expected to have picked up after a sluggish august in september. and usps expected to handle 15.5 billion pieces of holiday mail.
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this morning on "today," an all new rossen reports on how
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like hard drives and memory cards. in sports we want to begin with the nfl. the bengals continue their impressive run this season with a dominate 31-10 victory over the now 2-7 browns last night. qb conenected with eifert and the bengals improve to a record of 8-0 for the first time in franchise history. and in detroit, the lions cleaned up their front office coming off a loss against the chiefs and a 1-7 start to the season. lions president has been fired and lemahieu. >> we're very disappointed with the results of the season so far q believe a change in leadership was necessary. i want to assure our fans that we intend to identify and hire the very best leadership in
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order to produce a consistently winning football team. our fans deserve a winning football team and we will do everything possible to make it a reality. >> ford said sheldon white will serve as acting gm and allison macky will be the interim coo. sixth ranked baylor visiting kansas state. and making his first career start in for the injured russell. and he did not disappoint. he the 31-24 victory would see the bears rise -- or could possibly in the next week's college football rankings. we'll see how that goes. turning now to the nba. it's just too good not to show you. wednesday night's game between
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and he launches a full court pass, instead of landing in the hands of a teammate, that pass banked off the back board and into the net. oh, my goodness. you see that? that is not a fake trick there, folks, that is for real but because no indiana player touched the ball before it went in, it doesn't count and the celtics ended up losing by just two points. brutal. and talk about bright utal, a grandmother sheds cash and you won't believe why. and ozzy osborne make a return turn look at you, saving money on your medicare part d prescriptions. at walgreens, we call that "carpe med diem." that's almost latin for "seize the day to get more out of life and medicare part d." from one-dollar copays on select plans... now reward points on all prescriptions, walgreens has you covered.
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mcdonald's fries, for four sundays in a row? i can take the pain. mcdonald's game time gold. who's your team? . now for some entertainment news on your friday. spectre may not be the last time we see daniel craig as bond. he may return for another one. and bindi irwin's dancing w th with the stars contract is on hold. a california judge is requesting a form also be filled out by her father. they're unsure if the judge is aware that steve irwin died in 2006 while filming his tv show. and opening in the box office this weekend, the new
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to see, including me and the peanuts. and ozzy osborne made a return to the alamo in texas to apologize yesterday. many may remember he was banned for life after urinating on the monument that commemorates the battle at the alamo. and on "the tonight show" jimmy fallon is joined by another guest. >> you've been seeing another man, haven't you? >> i simply don't know what you're referring to. >> mailman. >> i have not been having an anar a affair with the mailman. he's here for an entirely different reason. >> and what reason might that be? >> i'm just here to deliver the mail and screw. >> okay. this is "early today." coughing...sniffling... and wishing you could stay in
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leading the news in the washington post, marijuana is literally the least of the nation's drug worries, the police have announced. a survey shows that only 60% saw it as a threat. and nearly 3/4s of police department named heroin and meth as their top drug threats this year. and dying grandmother shreds $1.1 millions to spite heirs.
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astrian woman tore up the money and an u.s.a.rian bank official says they'll replace all of the money for the family. so, i guess they win. and the son likely robbed mars of its once thick atmosphere and water. they say the solar wind stripped away atmospheric gases. and it's believed mars was once a wet, warm planet. and what do you think made it? >> twister. >> of course, you can see that on the screen. you're a cheater. twister, the puppet and the super soaker all made it. and ben's watch has been crowd word of the year and use thoof word was triple what it was last year. other words that made the list were swipe, man spreading and
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a morning news anchor at our fargo affiliate got quite the surprise on the air. check it out. >> you're my best friend, my soul mate skb and i want to spend the rest of my life with you. will you marry me? >> yes. yes. >> oh. and thankfully she said yes because they were live on tv. the happy couple had been together for five years. none of the other staff members knew about the proposal before it happened. and here's a look ahead. a spruce, the 10 ton tree from gardner, new york will be decorated with more than 44,000 led lights and the annual tree lighting ceremony takes place on december second. happy birthday to emma stone and boyhood star, ethan hawk and sally field turns 69.
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happy birthday to all of you celebrating today as well. keep it here for more news, weather and sports. i'm betty nguyen. have a terrific friday. a bus stopped a long way from a hit-and-run scene in queens. the investigation that may now
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span two states.


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